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David Ferrie Talks to Garrison's Assistant District Attorneys...

Updated: Oct 9, 2021

David Ferrie was questioned twice by Garrison D.A.'s. Ferrie was subpoenaed to appear before the grand jury in December 1966 but was instead brought up to the D.A.'s office and questioned by John Volz.

the last sentence is garbled.

The last sentence reads "There was a big mess for a few days, I have been sort of speculating why I am here and I think I..."

Ferrie did not say he didn't ever meet Oswald, he said he did not remember him, and others told him that Oswald was in CAP for a short period.

I like his quote about Jack Martin- "Martin gets to be near the bride at every wedding and the corpse at every funeral."

Note at the end that Ferrie offers to take a polygraph test and to "submit to truth serum."

Right after the interview, Ferrie went to visit the Secret Service. I believe he wanted copies of his previous interviews in 1963 with the FBI and the Secret Service to help refresh his memory. Here is part of a Secret Service memo:

Ferrie was then interviewed in his apartment by Louis Ivon and Andrew Sciambra on February 18, 1967, just a few days before he died. Here is their memo:

The beginning of the first sentence reads "apartment on Louisiana Avenue Parkway so that he could go up-stairs..."

A few things stand out. Right on the first page, they note that Ferrie is quite sick, although they think it is an act. Ferrie told them he had encephalitis.

On the second page, it is clear that Ferrie called them for an interview because of rumors about the investigation. And, Ferrie wanted to speak to Garrison directly, and "look him in the face."

At the end of the conversation, Ferrie denies knowing Clay Shaw and Clay Bertrand, and says that "Dean Andrews might tell you guys anything. You know how Dean Andrews is."


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