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Clay Shaw Deserves an Apology

"Shaw was forced to sell his house on Dauphine [Street] and move into smaller quarters. He was fortunate that his lawyers charged him little but he had to pay about $50,000 in investigative fees," Litwin said. "There was no discovery in Louisiana courts at the time, and so his lawyers had to hire detectives to run down every lead that appeared in the newspapers."

"Garrison ruined his life, and Shaw died before his damages lawsuit could be heard. I think an apology is needed," Litwin added.

The road to conspiracy hell is paved with the bodies of innocent victims. Clay Shaw is one. Others include Ruth Paine who is, to this day, tarred with allegations she was associated with the CIA; Edgar Eugene Bradley, who was also accused of conspiring to kill JFK by Garrison; Carlos Bringuier, whose wife had a miscarriage because of her worry about his being arrested by Garrison; Dr. George Burkley, who was recklessly accused of being involved in a cover-up by Oliver Stone; Louis Bloomfield, a lawyer from Montreal accused by a communist-controlled newspaper of being involved in a scheme to funnel CIA funds to right-wing extremists in Italy. And there are more. I've just touched the surface.


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