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Bill Turner on the Moorman Photograph

Here is a letter from Bill Turner, part-time investigator for Jim Garrison and writer for Ramparts Magazine, to Bill Gurvich.

Turner must have had really good eyes. He could discern from the Moorman photograph, "a white-shirted man aiming a pistol at the president from the west corner of the concrete wall, about where the blob of smoke of whatever it is shows."

Here is the Moorman photograph:

This is all ridiculous. The Moorman photograph was a Polaroid, with poor resolution, and so when you look at concrete wall, you are looking at a very tiny area of the picture.

The HSCA found that anything you could find could easily just be an artifact.

"Enhancement attempts in the region of the retaining wall produced no significant increase in detail and no evidence of any human form."

I guess Turner was not a believer in the so-called badgeman. Here is a handy guide to what people have seen in the Moorman photograph:

From David Reitzes' terrific article on the JFK assassination in Skeptic Magazine.

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