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Bill Turner on the Moorman Photograph

Here is a letter from Bill Turner, part-time investigator for Jim Garrison and writer for Ramparts Magazine, to Bill Gurvich.

Turner must have had really good eyes. He could discern from the Moorman photograph, "a white-shirted man aiming a pistol at the president from the west corner of the concrete wall, about where the blob of smoke of whatever it is shows."

Here is the Moorman photograph:

This is all ridiculous. The Moorman photograph was a Polaroid, with poor resolution, and so when you look at concrete wall, you are looking at a very tiny area of the picture.

"Enhancement attempts in the region of the retaining wall produced no significant increase in detail and no evidence of any human form."

I guess Turner was not a believer in the so-called badgeman. Here is a handy guide to what people have seen in the Moorman photograph:

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