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Art Buchwald Skewers Jim Garrison

Art Buchwald was a political satirist whose work appeared in over 550 newspapers across the United States. He won the Pulitzer Prize for Outstanding Commentary in 1982.

In 1967 there was a scandal regarding Senator Thomas Dodd of Connecticut. It centered on Dodd's association with Julius Klein, a public relations consultant for several West German clients and there were allegations of financial wrongdoing.

Art Buchwald by Yousuf Karsh who was a very famous Canadian.

Art Buchwald wrote about the scandal through the lens of Jim Garrison. I don't think the commentary is particularly funny, but it does show that Buchwald had a good understanding of Garrison and his ridiculous tactics.

Ironically, Eberhard Deutsch defended Jim Garrison in both Gordon Novel's libel lawsuit, and in Clay Shaw's damages lawsuit.

In fact, Deutsch was linked with Garrison as early as 1964.

Art Buchwald died in 2007.


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