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Another Wacky Garrison Investigative Memo

Updated: Oct 9, 2021

Ah yes, more propinquity. This memo comes complete with Jim Garrison notations. There is no date on the memo. Perhaps he wrote this for the House Select Committee on Assassinations (HSCA)..

#1, #2, #3 are all pretty arcane. Garrison tries to tie Ferrie to Ruby because Ferrie had called a department store in which Ruby's brother had a contract to do some cleaning. I posted a memo about this earlier in my blog.

# 5 is pretty funny. Turns out that Oswald and Ruby both called a Ft. Worth television station. How that links them is beyond me.

# 7 is absurd. A phone number in Ruby's notebook has the same last four digits as a phone number in Oswald's notebook (2550). Garrison told staffer Tom Bethell that there were "callsigns" on "some radio frequency." Garrison's notation says "another Oswald-Ruby correlation - apparently a Company cryptonym."

Bertha Cheek shows up a couple of times. In number 8, she is the sister of Earlene Roberts, who helped run the rooming house that Oswald stayed in in Dallas. Supposedly, she did a real estate deal with Jack Ruby. Where does one go with such a 'lead?' Cheek is also mentioned in #26.

In #23, Gorden Novel played billiards with a Thomas Cox. Cox's name is supposedly in Shaw's notebook, and a former stripper for Jack Ruby says he roomed with Ruby before the assassination. Really? Tom Bethell's diary said that "Cox is supposed to have admitted something about Shaw's alleged involvement to a third party." Why I am not surprised we never hear from Cox again?

Starting Tomorrow: Garrison's memos to the HSCA.


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