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Another 5-Star Review of "Oliver Stone's Film-Flam"

Tim Nickerson has just written a very nice review of my new book, Oliver Stone's Film-Flam: The Demagogue of Dealey Plaza."

I have read quite a few books on the assassination. Written both from a conspiracy perspective and of that adhering closely to the "official" narrative. I have a paperback copy of one that is extremely dogeared and a book on the Tippit murder that would be if it wasn't in digital form. This book by Fred Litwin will most assuredly get virtually dogeared, and in relatively short order.

I don't know what to make of Oliver Stone. His "JFK" is a masterpiece. A very enjoyable film to watch. One of those that can be watched over and over again. Of course, it's largely fiction, but a masterpiece nevertheless. While it upset some people who saw it as a big lie, it cannot be denied that it resulted in some positives. Namely the creation of the ARRB and the subsequent release of millions of pages from documents that had been sealed. Stone was able to assuage criticism of "JFK" by admitting that he employed artistic license in the making of it. He cannot do the same with this Film Flam. In believing the writer of his JFK: Destiny Betrayed film, he has produced an epic film of misinformation, falsehoods, and flapdoodle. Fred Litwin is having none of it, and after reading this book neither will you. I can't recommend this book highly enough.

Over the past several months, I have shown in multiple blog posts how Oliver Stone's documentary series, JFK Revisited and JFK: Destiny Betrayed, misleads viewers. In fact, despite months of work, there are still many more misleading segments that need to be addressed. It's no wonder that the fact checkers of Netflix nixed the airing of the films.

There is a choice between four hours of tendentious nonsense (JFK: Destiny Betrayed) and two hours (JFK Revisited: Through the Looking Glass). As a handy guide for viewers, here are all those posts in order of their appearance in JFK: Destiny Betrayed and JFK Revisited: Through the Looking Glass, preceded by some general critiques.

The Viewer's Guide has now been updated to include the sources from my new book, Oliver Stone's Film-Flam: The Demagogue of Dealey Plaza.


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