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Who Stole JFK's Brain?

Was it Richard Nixon?

Gee, the answer was given in 1973 and I missed it.

Of course, Gus Russo told the whole story of JFK's brain in his magisterial book, Live by the Sword: The Secret War Against Castro and the Death of JFK: (pages 699 - 700 in the Kindle edition)

There is very little doubt that Robert Kennedy took control of the “missing” material. This was the finding of the HSCA, as well as many of the Archive employees. The only mystery remaining is exactly how Bobby disposed of the material. And even that mystery is finally starting to fade.
In 1976, RFK’s former press aide, Frank Mankiewicz, told HSCA Counsel Blakey he thought that the “President’s brain is in the grave. LBJ, Ted, Bobby, and maybe McNamara buried it when the body was transferred. Ted seemed to confirm it later.”
JFK’s body was, in fact, reinterred in Arlington in March 1967, upon completion of a memorial structure. HSCA Chief Investigator Robert Tanenbaum related to the author a comment that Mankiewicz allegedly made to him in 1978—that RFK, in an earlier phone call, said that the brain “is being put back in the coffin. Do not leak this or you’ll be in big trouble.” Mankiewicz denies saying this, but acknowledges being on guard at the perimeter for the reinterment. Evelyn Lincoln told the Committee that she would continue to investigate the matter on her own.
In 1992, in a final attempt to determine the whereabouts of the material, the author enlisted a close friend who is also a confidante of Mrs. Lincoln to put the question to her: After she told the HSCA that she would conduct further inquiries into the matter, did she indeed learn anything about the disposition of the President’s brain? According to the intermediary, Mrs. Lincoln became quiet, looked her friend in the eyes, and said simply, “It’s where it belongs.”

JFK's body was reinterred in March 1967 and, at that time, his brain was put into the coffin.

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