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Was J.C. Price a Credible Witness?

The article alleges that FBI agents suppressed his statements because they were inconsistent with a lone gunman. Foley also wonders why Price was not asked to testify before the Warren Commission.

There is no mention of where Price thought the shots came from in his statement.

Note that Price said that there was a volley of shots (perhaps five), and then another shot five minutes later.

In his statement, Price also said that the man he saw running had something in his hand - and that "it may have been a head piece." In other words, a hat, or something on his head.

Price reiterated in his interview with Lane that he did not know what the man had in his hands:

That wasn't quite good enough, so Lane tried again later in the interview and got what he wanted:

Now, it "could have been a gun." And of course, Lane put that sentence into his book, Rush to Judgment. (page 33)

Lane did not mention that Price initially said there were five shots and then a shot five minutes later.

Perhaps the real reason that Mr. Price was not called to testify before the Warren Commission was because they already had his statement and felt that he wasn't the most credible witness.


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