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Oliver Stone and Nazarbayev

Nursultan Nazarbayev appears in the film Qazaq: History Of The Golden Man.

A foundation controlled by former Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbaev paid at least $5 million for a 2021 documentary that sought to whitewash the authoritarian leader's image, an independent investigation has revealed.

Qazaq: History Of The Golden Man, a documentary produced by pro-Kremlin U.S. filmmaker Igor Lopatonok, centers around a lengthy interview with the long-serving Nazarbaev done by famous yet controversial U.S. film director Oliver Stone, who also made documentaries about Russian President Vladimir Putin, Cuban leader Fidel Castro, and Venezuelan strongman Hugo Chavez.

Nazarbaev, who ruled Kazakhstan with an iron fist for 30 years, speaks about his childhood, political career, the collapse of the Soviet Union, and Kazakhstan's formation as an independent state.

The documentary was criticized by many film experts and dubbed by one a "hagiographic ode" that became part of Nazarbaev's "ongoing cult of personality."

The documentary was released in 2021 both as an eight-part miniseries and feature film. It had been in the works since late 2019 -- after Nazarbaev had stepped down from the presidency, though he continued to enjoy enormous political clout in Kazakhstan.

According to an investigation by the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP), a global network of investigative journalists, and the Kazakh-based media site that was released on March 5 (From Nazarbaev To Lukashenka: Hollywood In The Service Of Dictators), Nazarbaev was personally involved in the making of the film.

"Nazarbaev would constantly edit the film, trying to improve [the depiction of] his image," a member of the film crew told OCCRP.

Nazarbaev was reportedly satisfied with the final cut of the film, the investigators said.

The Nazarbaev Fund -- a charity foundation established when Nazarbaev was in power in 2010 and chaired by daughter Darigha Nazarbaeva -- paid at least $5 million to Lopatonok and Stone, according to the investigation.

Lopatonok and Stone had previously denied any Kazakh government involvement in the project.

Neither Nazarbaev nor his daughter responded to the investigators' request for comment.

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