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Jim Garrison Interview on the Mike Wallace Show, September 1967

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

Here is a YouTube video of an interview with Jim Garrison from September 26, 1967:

You can download a transcript below in .PDF format.

garrison mike wallace transcript
Download DOCX • 28KB

You can download a transcript below in Word format.

garrison mike wallace transcript
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There is no shortage of Garrison craziness in the interview. Here are some quotations:

on Marina Oswald:

Marina Oswald had long since been taken over and controlled literally by elements of the white Russian community in Dallas. And there are our individuals in the white Russian community in Dallas who are involved in the assassination.
As a matter of fact, this is the sort of thing that I was not able to say in the Playboy interview because we still had people in Dallas. So, I'm really just talking about a corner of the entire conspiracy. But there are elements of the Dallas establishment that are deeply involved and some of the members of the white Russian community are part of it. Now they had total control of Marina. Marina said in many cases what she was supposed to say and instructed to say.

on the Dallas police:

Elements of the Dallas police are deeply involved in the assassination and provably involved in the assassination. Again, a statement that I could not make at the time, because I had a man in Dallas for months, and I wanted him to be able to come back to New Orleans with his head still attached to his body.

on Jack Ruby:

Jack Ruby should be regarded as a functionary of the Dallas police force. Now I'm not saying a word here that we can't prove.

Jack Ruby's 'orientation':

The point about Ruby is that if you want to get a picture of Jack Ruby's orientation, all you have to do is get his address book. If you go through his address book, you will find among the addresses, you'll find the name Tom Hill. If you look behind Tom Hill, you will see an address in Massachusetts. That address actually is the address of Robert Welch, the president of John Birch Society.

on Dealey Plaza:

Joe Wershba: What happened in Dealey Plaza?

Jim Garrison: Joe, this is a question I would rather avoid in detail because, in the last six weeks, we've begun preparing our case in detail. And this is now an opening part of our case.

Joe Wershba: What I was referring to in your Playboy interview, you refer to an assassination team of seven. If you can give it to us in summary form.

Jim Garrison:

Jim Garrison: I don't want to get into anything about precise details about Dealey Plaza, because we've now made a decision that the first week or so of trial is going to go into Dealey Plaza.

Joe Wershba: But you're not retracting what you said in the Playboy about this team of two men behind the picket fence?

Jim Garrison: The only thing I have to say about that is there actually considerably more than seven men at Dealey Plaza. Seven is an inadequate description.

Joe Wershba: This will come up in the trial?

Jim Garrison: Dealey Plaza. Yes. Not necessarily everything you have in mind, but the fact that there were a number of men at Dealey Plaza, including radio communication, use of transistor radios to tell when the parade was coming, at what point it was turning, to signal when the guns were to be picked up to indicate that the course was clear. The Dealey Plaza operation will now be part of the trial.

on proof of his alleged conspiracy:

Well, the corroborating evidence is in our files, Joe

Garrison's point about Ruby's address book is ridiculous. I can't find a notation for Tom Hill. I also looked at the notebook that Larry Crafard gave to the Warren Commission. Tom Hill did work for the John Birch Society and eventually became its President.

Fortunately, Paul Hoch emailed me to say that I should have searched for Thomas Hill, rather than Tom Hill. His name was on the back of a white envelope found in Ruby's possession.

Hill was interviewed by the FBI. Here is an explanation for Ruby writing down his name:


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