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Does Clay Shaw's Address Book Incriminate Him?

Updated: Oct 9, 2021

Jim Garrison, in his book On The Trail of the Assassins, found an entry in Clay Shaw's address book that was curious, to say the least. Here is what he wrote (pages 147-148):

"With but one exception, Shaw's entire address book consisted of addresses and phone numbers. That one exception appeared on one of the otherwise unused pages. There, inscribed in Shaw's handwriting, were the words "Oct" and Nov" - which would appear to mean October and November. Then, after an indecipherable scribble - there was scrawled simply: "Dallas."

This paragraph was almost repeated word for word in James DiEugenio's book, Destiny Betrayed (page 237):

"But there was another entry in Shaw's book that was just as interesting. Although the entire book listed addresses and phone numbers, on one otherwise blank page were scrawled the two abbreviations "Oct." and "Nov." and next to these, the word "Dallas."

Here is the page from Shaw's address book:

The page is not quite as advertised. Does it look nefarious to you?


Garrison might have gotten this tidbit from a memo written by reporter Ross Yockey on an incident in Winnipeg. At the end of his June 29, 1967 memo, he added this:


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