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Did Lee Harvey Oswald Use Jack Ruby As a Job Reference?

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

James DiEugenio, in his book Destiny Betrayed, writes: (page 212)

"Another very interesting record which indicates a Ruby-Oswald connection happened to be lost. On a job application form, Oswald listed the name Jack Ruby as one of three references."

His source is just listed as "FBI Memorandum of 3/5/67." He certainly could have provided more information to make it easier to find the memo.

Informant 1213-S was Nestor Rodriguez, who ran a language school in New Orleans. He heard this rumor about an application form from a cameraman for WVUE-TV, Erby (not Orvie) Aucoin, We are not sure where Aucoin heard this from.

DiEugenio continues about this document: (page 212)

"We know this because the information was given to an FBI agent by a mutual acquaintance who Garrison had shown this document to. This document does not exist today. And the author would be willing to wager that once the FBI found out about it, they alerted one of their plants in Garrison's office, through the likes of an intelligence asset like Hugh Aynesworth, to steal it."

Yet another piece of evidence that does not exist. Monk Zelden, who was also Dean Andrews' attorney, never said a word about this s0-called application form. It's not surprising that it never materialized.

This time the same information came from informant 1309-C, which we have already identified as Joseph Oster, who had worked for Guy Banister. Note that he received the information from "a person that is a friend of a friend of Bill Reed." The memo goes on to note that "This fourth-hand information is that Sam "Monk" Zelden, prominent New Orleans attorney, has in his possession an application, not otherwise identified, in which Oswald used as a reference Jack Ruby. NO 1309-C does not know what kind of an application or if this is even true."

It's quite possible that Bill Reed told Erby Aucoin, or vice-versa. In any case, the information was either third-hand or fourth-hand.

I guess fourth-hand information is good enough for James DiEugenio.


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