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Clay Shaw's Journal - March 14, 1967

Here is the front page of the New Orleans Times-Picayune for March 15, 1967:

Why did Perry Russo use the name Clem, instead of Clay? It probably was a slip-up during his hypnosis sessions.

Of course, Perry Russo never said anything about Lee Harvey Oswald, Clay Shaw or Clay Bertrand until he was brought to New Orleans. Here are some links to his statements made in Baton Rouge when he first reached out to the press after the death of David Ferrie:

After David Ferrie died, Perry Russo went to the press in Baton Rouge with his story. He did not mention a meeting at which the assassination was discussed.

Matt Herron was present when Phelan asked Russo if it was true that he said nothing about a meeting until he came to New Orleans. He confirmed that Russo admitted he had not.

Russo talked to Clay Shaw's attorneys in 1971. He admits that the memory about the meeting was planted in New Orleans.

Here is a picture regarding the revolver:

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