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2023 Year-End Review

2023 was a banner year for this blog. I published 182 posts while also publishing Oliver Stone's Film-Flam: The Demagogue of Dealey Plaza.

Here are some of the highlights from my blog:

Conspiracy theorists turned a solemn event into a travesty.

There was no plot against JFK in Chicago

Many conspiracy theorists claim there was a plot against JFK in Chicago in early November 1963. There is no evidence to support this allegation.

JFK canceled his Chicago trip because of the assassination of Diem.

The HSCA did speak to Edwin Black. It was a memorable interview.

There is no evidence of a plot in Chicago against JFK.

Bolden's story about the supposed Chicago plot has changed over the years.

An examination of supposed other plots against JFK.

Bolden didn't say one word about a supposed plot against JFK in Chicago.

There was also no plot against JFK in Tampa

Jefferson Morley's substack provides no evidence to support the allegation there was a plot.

The truth about Lopez.

There was no plot in Tampa.

Paul Landis Published a Book with New Allegations

He claimed he found CE399 on the back seat of the limousine and put it on a stretcher inside Parkland. I was one of the first researchers to find an earlier interview in which he claimed to only find a fragment.

Landis said nothing about a bullet in his HSCA interview.

An NBC journalist asked him the question and his answer is remarkable.

Landis talked to the Sixth Floor Museum but didn't mention picking up a bullet or bullet fragments.

A look at Landis's statements over the years.

Jefferson Morley believes that Phyllis Hall, a nurse at Parkland, corroborates Landis's allegations about a bullet. She doesn't.

Jefferson Morley Accused Me of Being a CIA Apologist

I rebutted a large number of Jefferson Morley articles in 2023, including his accusation that I am a CIA apologist. Other posts on Morley:

Morley thinks there are two redacted memos on CIA reorganization, but there is only one.

A rebuttal to Morley's response to my post Was Bill Harvey in Dallas in November of 1963?

There is no credible evidence Harvey was in Dallas in November of 1963.

Morley repeats the claim that Dulles was at a CIA training center during the weekend of the JFK assassination. He wasn't.

Morley's claims about Efron are all wrong.

Morley responded to my article "The Truth about Operation Northwoods." Here is my reply.

W. Tracy Parnell is one of the best JFK assassination researchers out there. Here is his look at Jefferson Morley with several important articles.

Operation Northwoods can only understood as being part of the Kennedys' war against Cuba and Operation Mongoose.

And a response from me.

There is no evidence that Dr. West petitioned the court to examine Jack Ruby before his trial.

There is absolutely no evidence that Dr. Louis Jolyon West interfered with Jack Ruby's case.

The phrase 'who shot John' does not refer to the JFK assassination.

Jefferson Morley used a fake Oswald handbill in his press conference for the Mary Ferrell Foundation.

An examination of redactions in the JFK collection of documents.

A Look at Two Forensic "Experts" in JFK: Destiny Betrayed

Lee was just found liable of fabricating evidence in a case in Connecticut.

Dr. Lee does not deserve his outsized reputation.

There is a reason the Warren Commission and the HSCA rejected his findings.

A letter from Miami News reporter Bill Barry sets the record straight.

Was Fletcher Prouty an Antisemite?

Some new information on Fletcher Prouty.

A look at Prouty's association with the Liberty Lobby.

A Fletcher Prouty letter has some explicit antisemitism.

Prouty writes a letter to a holocaust-denying journal.

The Fake Oswald Handbill

Lee Harvey Oswald's handbills were not stamped with 544 Camp Street. Oliver Stone's so-called documentary series uses a fake handbill. Paul Hoch provided much of the research for this series.

An analysis of the handbill used in Oliver Stone's so-called documentary, JFK: Destiny Betrayed.

An examination of where the fake handbill came from.

A look at James DiEugenio's use of the fake handbill.

Jefferson Morley is the latest researcher to use a fake Oswald handbill.

Thank You:

I want to thank Paul Hoch who has edited most of my blog posts. He has also provided tons of important links along with some excellent commentary. Paul is a giant among JFK assassination researchers, and it is a privilege to work with him.

I also want to thank Gus Russo who has also provided a lot of research and feedback.

What's Coming in 2024

I need to finish my next book, A Heritage of Nonsense: Jim Garrison's Tales of Mystery & Imagination.


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